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School of Biblical Christian Worldview (SBCW)

Training Sep 23, 2019

School of Biblical Christian Worldview (SBCW)

God desires to guard our hearts against the pollution and fallenness of this world and wants to restore order, beauty and goodness to the world.  This process is called transformation, and we are God’s "transforming agents’’.  That is why Paul urged us not to "be conformed to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind’’. (Rom 12:2)

Therefore, the general SBCW motto is: TRANSFORMATION STARTS HERE

The SBCW is intended as a tool to help students transform their mind by identifying worldly influences in their life, learning  biblical principles of living, and being shaped by the Holy Spirit to be "conformed to the image of His Son’’ (Rom 8:29)

Interested in Staff Opportunities?

We are praying and looking for the following staff:

  1. Mobile Enrichment Ministry Staff ( DTS graduates with desire to do children's ministry)
  2. Media Person ( DTS graduates, ability to work with graphics and/or videos)
  3. Discipleship Training School Staff ( DTS graduates with leadership potential)
  4. Family Ministrie School Staff ( DTS & FMS graduates)
  5. Sixteen28 Staff ( DTS/UDTS graduates & a desire to work among young people of Bangalore)
  6. Pre-School Staff ( DTS graduates)

Interested person may send enquiry to: registrar_yb@live.com


Youth With A Mission is an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced "WHY-wham"), our purpose is simply to know God and to make Him known.

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