School of Ministry Development (SOMD)

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Come join us! The School of Ministry Development (or SOMD) is a 3-month leadership training course run by Youth With A Mission Bangalore which shows you how to put the skills you learned in DTS into practice. Combining theory and application, the SOMD is a no-nonsense course designed for those individuals who are serious about pursuing their God and the ministry he has called them to. This school will develop you on two levels –

1. It will help to develop a biblical foundation for your future personal ministry based on your uniqueness, spiritual gifts, calling and passions. In other words: “Developing YOU for ministry” or what God is doing IN you.

2. It will provide practical tools to start your own ministry and understand the basics of teamwork in order to ensure long term success in ministry. In other words: “Developing YOUR ministry” or what God is doing THROUGH you.

The overall environment is one of servanthood, teachability and is relationship-oriented based on the model Jesus employed with his disciples. This twelve-week course will prepare each graduate to be on staff and effectively develop their area of ministry in YWAM anywhere around the world as well as in a local church or work setting.

Topics will include:
*Personal Growth (mental, spiritual, social & physical)
*Discover & develop your spiritual and motivational gifts
*Discover & develop your vision & passions
*personality types
*Effective Personal Ministry
*Finances & Fundraising
*Biblical Christian Worldview
*Cross-Cultural Communication
*Pioneering ministries
*Creating and cultivating dynamic ministry teams
*Servant Leadership
*Practical Leadership Skills
*Public Speaking & Communication essentials
*Religions and cults
*Community Development

The SOMD will run from October 6th until December 21, 2013.  The school will be followed by an optional (but highly recommended) 6 month ministry internship with an existing/emerging YWAM Bangalore ministry and/or being part of a outreach.  (There are presently plans for a short outreach to Northeast India and the Burma border area)  The internship program will also involve receiving more teaching, reading and research projects. The SOMD and the internship/outreach will both provide credits from the U of N.

Requirements: Completion of a YWAM Discipleship Training School (DTS), desire for spiritual growth and developing further ministry in your life, good comprehension of English.

Costs (lecture phase only):  India & other C nations – Rs 15,000  B nations – US $600  A Nations – US $900 Housing and food are the same for all participants. The cost of the 6 month internship/outreach  is separate and may depend on living situation and ministry.

For more information and an application please contact for more details. We hope you can be a part!


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