Introduction to Primary Health Care (IPHC)

The Introduction to Primary Health Care School(IPHC) is a University of the Nations course that equips you to demonstrate God’s love in very practical hands – on ways. Romans 2:4 states that “the kindness of God leads us to repentance” The IPHC will give you tools to practically demonstrate God’s kindness, thus it is a window for a broken world into the goodness of God’s heart.

The skills that you will learn in, as well as the heart of God that you can demonstrate will serve your ministry, whether God has called you to CP work, MM, Community Development, Urban Missions, or some form of Children’s Ministries.

The IPHC consists of 12 weeks lecture phase and 12 weeks outreach followed by a 4 months internship. The focus is primary preventive and curative health care. You will learn how to diagnose and treat different diseases and sicknesses

Three months of classroom teaching in the form of dramas, scenarios, skits and of course lectures.
Lectures includes the 8 keys to PHC :
Food and nutrition
Water and Sanitation
Disease Control
Mother and Child Health
Curative Care
Essential Education
Community Resources


This is followed by 3 months of outreach where the classroom is taken it the field for a wider exposure to people and their health.
Groups of 3-5 students will get to experience life in an existing medical project along side current Mercy Ministry workers.
This includes :
Culture Adaptation
People Groups
PHC Application
Disease Recognition
Language Acquisition


During the internship, you will learn how to use your skills to impact people’s lives. You are sent to an existing ministry and work beside their staff to learn how to touch people’s lives with the healing power of Christ.

Iphc Course Requirements : DTS (Discipleship Training school)
Lecture, Outreach and Internship All 3 phases.

When : January 23, 2017
Where : YWAM Bangalore
Contact Information : Ph. +919035134773,