English As a Second Language (ESL)

English as a Second Language

The introductory English as a Second Language course is designed to teach English to students who have not taken DTS.

Emphasis is placed on conversational English. The Bible is used as a tool to develop oral skills, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and general practical language skills.

Students receive a certificate on satisfactory completion of the course.


Teaching of English to speakers of other languages

A seminar provides an analysis of the sounds, grammar and vocabulary of the English language, emphasizing those aspects which give difficulty to those learning the language.   Also included are practical methods and procedures for assisting students of English at home or in other countries.

Speaking skills help you influence your world for God.

Would you like to speak English with greater understanding and confidence?

The University of Nation’s English as a second language school offers a practical curriculum for English used in everyday life.

Your English will improve as you learn in fun and creative ways. You also can grow in your knowledge of Jesus, studying the Bible as part of the program.

Our ELS teachers use many up-to-date training methods to help students learn.

You will have daily small group lesson with native Engilsh-speaking teachers. There also will be group language experiences as you meet new friends.


Strengthen your English skills while nurturing your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Attending comprehensive English as a second language course is designed not only to equip ministry-minded men and women by increasing their English proficiency in all areas of language learning, but also a platform for non-believer irrespectively of any religion to be a part of it. Classroom instruction utilizes interactive method of learning that is fun and effective. Dorm life, meal times, work duties and small group activities are designed to maximize interaction between ESL students and native English speakers.

ESL course is designed for those who want to improve their English. Attention is given to developing oral skills, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and general practical language skills. Instruction takes place in classroom setting, group activities, individual conversation, real life situation and tutoring.

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