Bible Core Course (BCC)


bible study


The Bible Core Course (BCC) is a 12-week course that will introduce you to the inductive approach of Bible study. The inductive approach means that you let the Bible speak for itself. You practice this by learning to look what the Bible text actually says (observation), after that you learn what it meant to the original readers (interpretation) and eventually you discover how you can apply it to your life. (application).

During the 3 months you will read the entire Bible and study in depth at least 14 Bible books, from the Old and New Testament. The teachings will often be combined with workshops to involve you as an active part of the teachings. In this way you will be equipped with many tools for integrating the Word into your life and ministry.

You will learn how to employ many creative and diverse methods for reading, interpreting and applying the Scriptures. You will have opportunities to be involved in topical seminars, dramatic re-creations, and various forms of historical, archaeological, literary and geographical research.

During this course you will learn how to study the Bible for yourself; Get an overview of the Bible; Discover how people lived in Bible times; Discover more about God’s character; Learn how to teach & preach the bible to others; Learn how to lead a small group Bible study.

Be challenged! It is a course in which you have to work hard but also have a lot of fun. Grow in your passion for the Living Word and experience the impact of it in your life.

Costs: India & other C nations – Rs 25000   B Nations – Rs. 35000  A Nations – Rs. 50000.  Housing and food are the same for all participants.

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