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The function of YWAM office is like the centre of a Wheel that holds the spokes together and enables it to move.

YB Transformation Centre is like an umbrella under which all the ministries exist. It is more than an office but serves as the nerve centre of YWAM Bangalore.

There are three main functions of this centre:

  1. Apostolic: To move forward with the vision God has given us and to continue to see new initiatives birth to impact nations.
  2. Pastoral Care: To cater to the needs of our staff and keep our community healthy.
  3. Administration: To do overall accounts, take care of legal /official documents & handle internal and external communications.

Gates of Bangalore (GOB): It is a revival prayer ministry. Every Saturday morning we drive around the city of Bangalore, a 74 KM stretch along the outer ring road, interceding & worshipping all the way and stopping at the gates (where the highways cut the city limits) for intercession & worship to open the gates for our Lord to come in. How did it start? In June 2000 YWAM staff began to meet early mornings & Wednesdays all nights for earnestly seeking to return to their “first love” for God. One day the Lord said if we opened the Gates of Bangalore, He would come in and bring revival and then the gospel would go to the rest of the state & beyond. He spoke to us through Psalms 24: 7 “ Lift up your heads, O ye gates, be lifted up you ancient doors, that the King of glory may come in”. On July 29’2000, about 60 staff and students hired a bus and went around the city praying & opening the gates of Bangalore, and ever since we have been faithfully going. Many churches, organisations, Bible colleges & people from around 24 nations representing every continent have joined us at different times.

We have received answers to our prayers and seen changes in our city. Praise God.

District Project: There are 29 districts in Karnataka and our vision is to reach out to all of them. Karnataka has only 2% Christians and is the most unreached state in South India. We were able to send outreach teams to all the districts at different times but YWAM presence is in only three districts Mysore, Dharwad and Belgaum. Our heart is to see our Discipleship training Schools multiplied and local ministries established in all the 29 districts.

Pastoral Care: Although every ministry has its own pastoral care to take care of their staff, YWAM office also helps in taking care of the staff and our community as a whole with different activities.

Strategic Dreaming: Once a year we have a 3-day conference for all our staff to have fellowship with one another & God. It’s a time of building & strengthening our relationships & focusing on God and the vision God has given us. Apart of this we constantly seek to have fun as a family and organise various leadership type of activities to clarify our mission strategies and the needed leadership development for it.

Single’s, Couples & Wives & Mother’s Meetings: To help our single staff grow stronger in the Lord and help meet their needs. We’ve had couples cook good food, create a beautiful family atmosphere and affirm our single staff.

For the couples we have had family seminars, fellowship with good food to help our families grow with Godly values .

For the Wives & Mothers we have meeting every month in one of their houses for fellowship ,prayer and helping each other with advice and help with family issues and in raising up children with good values. We have had beauty treatments , cookery times & good food times.

Medical Insurance for Indian Staff: YWAM is a member of a Trust called “ Missionary Upholders Trust” it brings financial help to our staff who need some medical treatment. It also has an insurance that helps the family with Rs.80,000/- in case of death of our staff. YWAM office helps our staff register and maintain membership with a monthly payment of Rs.30/- and helps with all the paper work required.

Administration: Office does all the final accounts for the base , collecting accounts from each ministry in YWAM Bangalore , makes the balance sheet and sends it to our head office along with the bills & receipts.

All paper work like staff applications, clearance certificates, Rent Agreements for the buildings we rent, making roosters for the staff meeting & community meetings, organizing staff to clean and set up & lead our meetings & sending notices within YWAM Bangalore is done by the office.

Communications: Office helps in linking together all the ministries within YWAM Bangalore and also represents YWAM Bangalore to Churches and other Organisations. It helps update website , answers queries from other YWAMers and non-YWAMers.

Interested in Staff Opportunities?

We are praying and looking for the following staff:

  1. Mobile Enrichment Ministry Staff ( DTS graduates with desire to do children's ministry)
  2. Media Person ( DTS graduates, ability to work with graphics and/or videos)
  3. Discipleship Training School Staff ( DTS graduates with leadership potential)
  4. Family Ministrie School Staff ( DTS & FMS graduates)
  5. Sixteen28 Staff ( DTS/UDTS graduates & a desire to work among young people of Bangalore)
  6. Pre-School Staff ( DTS graduates)

Interested person may send enquiry to: registrar_yb@live.com


Youth With A Mission is an international volunteer movement of Christians from many backgrounds, cultures and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. Also known as YWAM (pronounced "WHY-wham"), our purpose is simply to know God and to make Him known.

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