Family Ministries


MISSION STATEMENT: ‘To glorify God, to bring the gospel to the unreached families of the world, and to restore families to their biblical destiny.’

I. Objectives

A. To Evangelize Families

To bring the Gospel to the unreached families of the world. Our target is the lost, wherever they may be found. Of particular interest are families who have been denied access to the Gospel.

B. To Restore Family Life

To bring healing to broken individuals and families and to help them return to the Biblical blueprint for family life.

C. To Strengthen Family Life

To help Christian families live out Biblical family lifestyles in the midst of hostile and anti-family environments.

D. To Train Families

To provide practical, Biblical, training opportunities for individuals and families called to work in family ministry.

E. To Challenge Families

To challenge families to recognize their God-given role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

F. To Mobilize Families

To provide opportunities for families to participate in local, national and international outreaches.


II. Strategies to accomplish these objective include, but are not limited to, the following:

A. Family in Ministry teams (School Outreaches, Kings Kids, Mercy Ministries, Prayer Journeys, etc.)

B. Seminars, conferences, and camps.

C. Youth/Family Resource and Development Centres

D. Family Social Service Centres

E. Strategic Development of tent-making opportunities for families.

F. Out-patient Family Counselling Centres/Clinics

G. Live-in Counselling Centres

H. Personal Discipling and Mentoring Programs (Individuals/Couples/Small Groups)

I. Training Programs (DTS-FM, FMS, FTS, BLS, LTS, etc.)

J. Partnering with local churches, YWAM bases, agencies and ministries.

K. Promotion of Biblical Family Values in Education, Public Policy and Civil Laws


Some of our past, current and future involvement:


1. Family times

2. Men’s breakfast fellowship

3. Pre- Marital counselling

4. Networking with other family ministries related groups and organisation

5. Prison ministries

6. Family Seminars (Marriage and Parenting)

7. Family Guidance

8. Ministry to churches through preaching, teaching and challenging.

9. Family Therapy

10. Children Ministries

11. Trainings – Family Ministries School, Family Therapy, Family DTS.

12. Family Camps

13. Wive’s Meeting