Bible Core Course – Starting April 8, 2019 @ YWAM Bangalore!

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The Bible Core Course (BCC) is a 12-week course that will introduce students to the inductive approach of Bible study. The inductive approach means that you let the Bible speak for itself. One practices this by learning to look what the Bible text actually says (observation), after that you learn what it meant to the original readers (interpretation) and eventually you discover how you can apply it to your life. (application).

During the 3 months the students read the entire Bible and study in depth at least 15 Bible books, from the Old and New Testament. The teachings will often be combined with workshops to involve you as an active part of the teachings. In this way you will be equipped with many tools for integrating the Word into your life and ministry.

Students will learn how to employ many creative and diverse methods for reading, interpreting and applying the Scriptures. You will have opportunities to be involved in topical seminars, dramatic re-creations, and various forms of historical, archaeological, literary and geographical research.

During this course one will learn how to study the Bible for yourself; Get an overview of the Bible; Discover how people lived in Bible times; Discover more about God’s character; Learn how to teach & preach the bible to others; Learn how to lead a small group Bible study.

More Bible Core courses are scheduled.  Watch this website.  Be challenged! It is a course in which you have to work hard but also have a lot of fun. Grow in your passion for the Living Word and experience the impact of it in your life.

Please contact for more details.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

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The introductory English as a Second Language course is designed to teach English to both students who has done a DTS and those who haven’t done a DTS. In the ESL emphasis is placed on conversational English. The Bible is used as a tool to develop oral skills, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and general practical language skills.

Students receive a certificate on satisfactory completion of the course.

The school provides an analysis of the sounds, grammar and vocabulary of the English language, emphasizing those aspects which give difficulty to those learning the language. Also included are practical methods and procedures for assisting students of English at home or in other countries.

Speaking skills help you influence your world for God.

Would you like to speak English with greater understanding and confidence?
The University of Nation’s English as a second language school offers a practical curriculum for English used in everyday life. Your English will improve as you learn in fun and creative ways. You also can grow in your knowledge of Jesus, studying the Bible as part of the program.

Our ESL teachers use many up-to-date training methods to help students learn. You will have daily small group lesson with qualified English-speaking teachers. There also will be group language experiences as you meet new friends.

Strengthen your English skills while nurturing your relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Attending comprehensive English as a second language course is designed not only to equip ministry-minded men and women by increasing their English proficiency in all areas of language learning, but also a platform for non-believer irrespective of any religion to be a part of it. Classroom instruction utilizes interactive method of learning that is fun and effective. Dorm life, meal times, work duties and small group activities are designed to maximize interaction between ESL students and native English speakers.

ESL course is designed for those who want to improve their English. Attention is given to developing oral skills, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and general practical language skills. Instruction takes place in classroom setting, group activities, individual conversation, real life situation and tutoring.

Contact us at:
Mobile: +91 8050009499

YWAM Bangalore DTS starts January 21, 2019!

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The January 2019 YWAM Bangalore DTS (at Shalom Center) is a 5 month residential school which will begin January 21st.  Come join us!
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The lecture phase involves learning from experienced and qualified teachers on topics such as:

  • Understanding Biblical foundations for your life
  • Bible overview
  • The Nature and Character of God
  • How to hear God’s voice
  • Finding your Spiritual Gifts and calling
  • How to reach out to others who do not know Him
  • How to share your testimony and faith with others
  • How you can influence different areas of society
  • Pioneering and teamwork
The three months lecture phase is followed by a two months outreach phase.  This is the chance to apply what you have learned during the lecture phase, help others in various ways and bring true hope and healing to them, reaching out to them with the Gospel of Christ.  Under the guidance of qualified staff, students engage in countless ministry activities such as sharing the good news, worship and intercession; serving the poor, orphans and widows; praying for people and supporting local churches.
The outreach will involve going to different locations across India from the Northern foothills of the Himalaya to the Southern tropics, and the possibility of going to neihbouring Nations.

Come join the adventure!

For further details please contact us at +91 8050009499 or 

YWAM Bangalore (Electronic City) Discipleship Training School – February 4, 2019

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The Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS) is a five-month adventure with God that will change your life, open your eyes, and give you a fresh understanding of God and His love for all people!

The next DTS will run from February 4th until May 3, 2019.

Your DTS starts with three months of classroom time (training) in Electronic city South Bangalore . Every week you get to learn something brand new; teachers we trust come to Bangalore to be part of this adventure with you! Your weeks will include class, worship, prayer, intercession for the Nations, and spending time with the encouraging & friendly YWAM Bangalore Electronic City Training Center community.

The lecture phase includes such topics as:

Hearing Gods Voice, Character and Nature of God, Father Heart of God, Holy Spirit, Missions, Evangelism, Relationships, Sin, Repentance & Restitution, World view, Discipleship, Lordship of Christ, Spiritual Gifts,  Spiritual Authority,  Family systems, Faith and Finances and Inductive Bible Study.

Once you’ve finished your training, it’s on to the next adventure – outreach! Your last two months of the DTS will be spent with your team in different parts of India (and perhaps a nearby nation) applying all that training you just received.  The DTS is also the entry point for YWAM.  Anyone who has done a DTS can then apply to volunteer with YWAM in various ministries, and/or participate in a YWAM second level school.

Requirements are Christian aged 18-30 with good English ability.

Application forms for this February 2019 Electronic City DTS can be obtained from the downloads section of this website.  Email for cost and other details.  Also feel free to call us at 9620736745 or 9886271993.


School of Islamic Studies – September 1, 2018

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Neighbors Ministry in Bangalore in conjunction with SAIACS Center for Islamic Studies invite you to join in this School of Islamic Studies, from Sept 1st to Nov. 23rd.  See posters for details.


Bangalore (Kothanur) July Discipleship Training School now on outreach!

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DTS flyer

The July 2018 Kothanur DTS is now on outreach with 14 students!   DTS  is a beautiful representation of what the body of Christ looks like.  Students from all around India and sometimes other nations, from a variety of different age groups, coming together to make God known!  Our goal is to reach the lost, and  it’s going to take the whole church to reach the whole world! And that’s exactly what we plan to do … reach the world!

DTS  is a five-month course for youth, who are wanting to know God more and make Him known. The school will run at YWAM Shalom Centre Bangalore, a safe, healthy atmosphere where we see young people working together in obedience to God.  The younger really benefit from the wisdom of the older, and the older benefit from watching the younger ones step out in passion & zeal.

The first three months are spent living at our U of N  building YWAM Bangalore. Also they will be given an opportunity to do a local outreach in Bangalore itself.

The DTS takes place within the context of a real missional community with daily worship and prayer times. Each week students will hear from a different guest lecturer who are experts in their topic.

The 12 week lecture covers topics such as the Nature and Character of God, Repentance and Forgiveness, Lordship of Christ, Relationships, Hearing the Voice of God, and more. Along with that we will have involvement in practical work and reaching out to our neighbours.

In the outreach phase we will head out into the nations to make Jesus known. We’ll do a variety of different things like evangelism, church ministry, house to house visits, open-aires, prayer walks without failing to have some fun along the way. It will be a great time of using your talents and abilities to bring glory to God in the nations.

Students will also be placed into small groups and finds their gifts and talents in this period of time, which are led by full time missionary staff.

Typically the outreach is where they can apply the principles and concepts they have learned during the training phase, while telling the world about the awesome, amazing, kind God that we serve!

The goal of these 5 months is to see real spiritual transformation take place in the life of every student, and at the same time reaching those who have been unreached with the Gospel.  As we dive deep into cultivating a vibrant relationship with God … we find that ministry and pouring out into others is a joy!

If you have interest in doing a DTS in the future please continue to check this website and you can contact

Introduction to Primary Health Care – March 26, 2018

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The Introduction to Primary Health Care School(IPHC) is a University of the Nations course that equips you to demonstrate God’s love in very practical hands – on ways. Romans 2:4 states that “the kindness of God leads us to repentance” The IPHC will give you tools to practically demonstrate God’s kindness, thus it is a window for a broken world into the goodness of God’s heart.

The skills that you will learn in, as well as the heart of God that you can demonstrate will serve your ministry, whether God has called you to CP work, MM, Community Development, Urban Missions, or some form of Children’s Ministries.

The IPHC consists of 12 weeks lecture phase and 12 weeks outreach followed by a 4 months internship. The focus is primary preventive and curative health care. You will learn how to diagnose and treat different diseases and sicknesses

Three months of classroom teaching in the form of dramas, scenarios, skits and of course lectures.
Lectures includes the 8 keys to PHC :
Food and nutrition
Water and Sanitation
Disease Control
Mother and Child Health
Curative Care
Essential Education
Community Resources


This is followed by 3 months of outreach where the classroom is taken it the field for a wider exposure to people and their health.
Groups of 3-5 students will get to experience life in an existing medical project along side current Mercy Ministry workers.
This includes :
Culture Adaptation
People Groups
PHC Application
Disease Recognition
Language Acquisition


During the internship, you will learn how to use your skills to impact people’s lives. You are sent to an existing ministry and work beside their staff to learn how to touch people’s lives with the healing power of Christ.

Iphc Course Requirements : DTS (Discipleship Training school)
Lecture, Outreach and Internship All three phases.

When : March 26, 2018
Where : YWAM Bangalore
Contact Information : Ph. +919035134773, email:sheetal4jc@gmail.comIPHC 2016


Urban Evangelism & Apologetics Discipleship Training School @ Chai 3:16 – April 1, 2018

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ARE YOU CALLED FOR URBAN EVANGELISM & APOLOGETICS – Here’s an amazing opportunity to do get trained at YWAM Discipleship Training School in Bengaluru, held by Chai 3:16 in conjunction with YWAM Bangalore.  It is a residential school with 3 months of lecture & 2 months of outreach. Only 20 selected applicants will be accepted.   Requirements are one must be born again, a heart for Christian missions, and fluency in English.    For info email



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If you want to learn or improve your English (Listening, speaking, written, grammer and vocabulary) or you may have done a DTS and want to pursue further studies but feels inadequate in your English… then, this school is for you! Please pass on….ESL

July Discipleship Training School now on outreach

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DTS July 2017

Our present DTS started July 24 and finishes December 9, 2017!  We have 19 wonderful students. They are now going on outreach in locations in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu,  Odisha and Bihar.  A DTS is recommened for any Christian 18-35.  They are run around twice a year at YWAM Bangalore.  Discipleship is not an option for Christians, the moment you received Christ you are a disciple, the important question is are you a good disciple or not? Discipleship is an exciting journey, yet it is not always easy. Come and learn from excellent Biblically-sound-Guest Speakers, and a caring staff team. DTS is not about head knowledge alone, but practicing what we do know.

For more information on future DTss contact us at: or 9845020992