YWAM Bangalore DTS starts January 21, 2019!

The January 2019 YWAM Bangalore DTS (at Shalom Center) is a 5 month residential school which will begin January 21st.  Come join us!
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The lecture phase involves learning from experienced and qualified teachers on topics such as:

  • Understanding Biblical foundations for your life
  • Bible overview
  • The Nature and Character of God
  • How to hear God’s voice
  • Finding your Spiritual Gifts and calling
  • How to reach out to others who do not know Him
  • How to share your testimony and faith with others
  • How you can influence different areas of society
  • Pioneering and teamwork
The three months lecture phase is followed by a two months outreach phase.  This is the chance to apply what you have learned during the lecture phase, help others in various ways and bring true hope and healing to them, reaching out to them with the Gospel of Christ.  Under the guidance of qualified staff, students engage in countless ministry activities such as sharing the good news, worship and intercession; serving the poor, orphans and widows; praying for people and supporting local churches.
The outreach will involve going to different locations across India from the Northern foothills of the Himalaya to the Southern tropics, and the possibility of going to neihbouring Nations.

Come join the adventure!

For further details please contact us at +91 8050009499 or registrar_yb@live.com 

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