Bangalore (Kothanur) July Discipleship Training School now on outreach!

DTS flyer

The July 2018 Kothanur DTS is now on outreach with 14 students!   DTS  is a beautiful representation of what the body of Christ looks like.  Students from all around India and sometimes other nations, from a variety of different age groups, coming together to make God known!  Our goal is to reach the lost, and  it’s going to take the whole church to reach the whole world! And that’s exactly what we plan to do … reach the world!

DTS  is a five-month course for youth, who are wanting to know God more and make Him known. The school will run at YWAM Shalom Centre Bangalore, a safe, healthy atmosphere where we see young people working together in obedience to God.  The younger really benefit from the wisdom of the older, and the older benefit from watching the younger ones step out in passion & zeal.

The first three months are spent living at our U of N  building YWAM Bangalore. Also they will be given an opportunity to do a local outreach in Bangalore itself.

The DTS takes place within the context of a real missional community with daily worship and prayer times. Each week students will hear from a different guest lecturer who are experts in their topic.

The 12 week lecture covers topics such as the Nature and Character of God, Repentance and Forgiveness, Lordship of Christ, Relationships, Hearing the Voice of God, and more. Along with that we will have involvement in practical work and reaching out to our neighbours.

In the outreach phase we will head out into the nations to make Jesus known. We’ll do a variety of different things like evangelism, church ministry, house to house visits, open-aires, prayer walks without failing to have some fun along the way. It will be a great time of using your talents and abilities to bring glory to God in the nations.

Students will also be placed into small groups and finds their gifts and talents in this period of time, which are led by full time missionary staff.

Typically the outreach is where they can apply the principles and concepts they have learned during the training phase, while telling the world about the awesome, amazing, kind God that we serve!

The goal of these 5 months is to see real spiritual transformation take place in the life of every student, and at the same time reaching those who have been unreached with the Gospel.  As we dive deep into cultivating a vibrant relationship with God … we find that ministry and pouring out into others is a joy!

If you have interest in doing a DTS in the future please continue to check this website and you can contact info@ywambangalore.org

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