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A MegaChurch or a Christ Centered Community

»»January 23rd, 2013 by admin

A Lot of people – especially aspiring Pastors dream of having a big Church. Of course, what this usually means is to have a big congregation. This is not necessarily wrong. But to an average Christian it seems like a Church ‘arrives’ only when she rises to a particular kind of mega number. Does it mean that the smaller Churches have not yet arrived? Is the Church about big numbers or is it about being a Christ-Centered community? Is the latter possible in mega-Churches. Maybe. But it doesnt come easy. Mega-Churches usually revolved around personalities that are few in comparison to the rest of the congregation.

Now, whether we are big or small is not the main concern. But whether we are a Crowd or a Community is the main concern. One of the best ways of being a great community is to practise the art of one-anoterhing.

The New Testament epistles have a lot to tell us about ‘one-anothering’ It is estimated that 44% of the letters of the New Testament are about how we should get along with one another. About 59 of these ‘one-another’ are actually commands and not just suggestions.