Look before you leap

2660301. Look up to God

Look up before you make any major decisions. I use the phrase to look up quite deliberately. It does not mean that God is up – He is everywhere. But it does remind us that we don’t always have all the perspectives that we need in making an important decision from ground zero- its good to get a higher perspective. Looking up is possible when we acknowledge the role of our Creator in our lives. The Bible says, ‘In all thy ways acknowledge me and I will make your path straight.’

Some people have not consulted God in making decisions and regret later. God always helps us but He does not always remove the consequences of our bad choices. I know of a young couple that looked to their surroundings and under the pressure of culture decided to marry one another. They managed to be together with their Son for 8 years and then decided to divorce – One bad decision resulting in another difficult choice. Praying to God is vital in making a healthy choice. I am not suggesting that you pray over every single detail of your life but certainly live with an attitude that you need God for every single breath of your life. You will not go wrong in this.

2. Look at your Options

Most of the time there are more than one option. However, many a times we feel like there’s only one option. If we do the first step, we will be able to see a few more options. Ask yourself what are your options. Write them down. Look at them until you can see more clearly. When I was purchasing my car I realized how tempting it is to buy things for its status rather for its usefulness. There were many options and many offers too. Many of them were beyond my budget but I was held captive to something that wasn’t allowing me to be satisfied with what I could get with what I had. Rather, I was focusing on trying to get what I did not have the resources for. Now, it’s not wrong to go beyond our capacity. My point is that it is interesting how our heart listens to our cravings without thinking in clarity. I finally bought a car that was within my budget, met our needs and is pretty safe for our family. Is it the best car in the world? Not at all. Was it cheap? Not all. Was it cheaper than other cars in that segment – yes. You see, I had to choose, do I pay that extra 1 Lakh twenty thousand for nicer seats and some more fancy items or do I choose to buy a piece of land. After considering all my options I chose to buy my car and a piece of land for the budget I had in mind – I feel really good about the whole thing.

3. Look for advices

There is wisdom in the counsel of elders. One good tool for making great decision is developing the art of processing – not just with likeminded people or peers but with people who think otherwise and who are not of your age category. I know of another young couple that did not process their marriage plans well enough right from the beginning. In a marriage there are at least two people involved – the husband and the wife. If one goes wrong the other can help balance. But if both are always making wrong choices then the marriage is not really working for them. My wife and I were quite concerned for them. They changed Churches every time they were hurt. They would change houses every time they had an argument with the land lord or simply if they got fed with the locality or find a better house (sometimes even more expensive) and made sudden plans most of the time – whether it was to change a church, or get a new rented house or buying a car or just changing jobs…There was no such thing as taking advices from others. Some people do not want to take any advices but when they get in trouble for the choices they made they run from pillar to post trying to get advices on how to get out of the mess.

Advices do not need to freak us out. Of course there are some people who want to give us advices all the time. I am not talking about that kind. I am talking about having some people around you that can help you out with great advices. My wife and I are privileged to have some wonderful people in our family to help us. We also know some other older folks who are not a part of our culture but they advice us at crucial stages of our lives. Their words of wisdom and insights have helped us make some great decisions and avoid some really ugly choices.

4. Look beyond your decisions

Weigh every choice you are about to make by imagining realistically its consequences. Choices always have a consequence and it is only wise for us to think if we would like the kind of consequences our choices might produce. Ask God to lead you by life affirming principles. Take a step of faith and ask God to guide you through. Just make sure you are obeying God. Some people make decisions in the name of God but are breaking many principles of relationships and that is not walking in faith but walking unfaithful – a wise decision results in harmonious relationships.

May God help all of us in making good and godly decisions.

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